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In School Programs

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We wanted this to be a drop down selection rather than how its currently set up.

They should choose the grade, the subject and the curriculum topic and all the applicable project names should appear. They should be able to click on the project name… the description, objectives and an image would appear. Below are two projects from our overall database.

They should then be able to register for the workshop by clicking sign up which leads them to fill the form below!

After School Programs

Logics Academy’s After-School Program is an exciting and educational way to engaging students on a weekly basis.

Logics Academy’s After-School Program is organized into terms which typically last 8 – 12 weeks. Each term is made up of a variety of hands-on, team-based challenges which focus on Robotics and/or Aerospace fundamentals. We have a diverse selection of workshops and can make customized terms based on your schools schedule. Contact us to provide an after school experience for your students that they will not forget!