Program Benefits

LOGICS Academy’s experiential learning based workshops provide children with the chance to develop character, learn valuable life skills, make new friends, and discover new interests. Experiential-based learning has been proven to enhance math, science, and literacy skills of children while developing leadership, creative problem-solving, collaboration, and entrepreneurial skills essential for success today. By continuously directing their own path to solutions, participants develop confidence and become innovative thinkers.

Our workshops focus on three aspects:

Experiential learning

Students learn by doing projects individually and in teams. Projects are hands on, where students learn theory, look at existing designs, brainstorm concepts, build a prototype, test the prototype, refine their designs, and present what they learned to the rest of the class. These aspects develop the students integrated skills thought process.


Empowering Student Voice

Students have a chance to suggest changes to the projects, contests, and curriculum on the fly. They are encouraged to express their opinion, and are given opportunities to speak in front of the class. This personalized inquiry based curriculum engages the student’s imagination and expands their creativity.


Embracing Failure / Foster creativity

Students are allowed use their creativity to tackle challenging problems to which there is more than one correct solution. Students are supported through challenges and given the opportunity to make mistakes. As failure is a path to true success in the iterative learning process, students are encouraged and mentored along their educational discovery.