Grade 9 – RTH17 – Bumble Bee

BumbleBee2Project Description: 

A pencil with a built in speaker that changes pitch based on resistance!? Students will learn, in an unique way, how length and width of an electrical path changes resistance to electron flow. Using this tool they will investigate the difference between conductors and insulators, why some things can carry electricity, why some things are resistant to it, and how resistance can be changed in a circuit.


In this lesson the core concepts focused on will be: 

  • Resistance
  • Conductivity
  • Circuits

Note: All lessons include a presentation and a hands on building period which they then use to perform various tests.



    • This is a take home project, each student will build and keep their own
    • $300 + $10/student for a class of up to 30 students
    • Price includes all materials, two qualified facilitators and all consumables required


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