Grade 9 – RSM39 – Electric Car

Eletric Car

Project Description: 

By both creating and using electrical energy from mechanical energy, students will learn how energy is both transferred and transformed  in a real life mechanical system. After building an electric car, students will see how much energy it takes to do different tasks. They will then have to trace energy around the system, explaining the energy transformations along the way. Finally, they will be able to measure the efficiency of the car, by seeing how much energy it should take to move one meter, versus the actual energy consumed. Energy efficiency can be a hard point to get across without experiencing it however, it is also important to prime students minds for engineering tasks in the future.  This lesson will provide a great way to appreciate and experience energy consumption.


In this lesson the core concepts focused on will be: 

  • % Efficiency
  • Energy Transformations and Losses

Note: All lessons include a presentation and a hands on building period which they then use to perform various tests.



  • $300 / workshop for a class of up to 30 students
  • Price includes all materials, two qualified facilitators and all consumables required



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