Grade 12 – RSM29 – Advanced Robot Arm (Mechanical Advantage)

Project Description:

Students will build their own pneumatic robot arm that can pick up and move objects just like one you would find on an automotive assembly line. Using this robot arm as a lever, students will use problem solving techniques to calculate torque, the ideal and actual mechanical advantage, and compare the differences. Students will also need to identify and comment on the sources of loss and reasons for inefficiencies in their robot arms.


In this lesson the core concepts focused on will be: 

  • Torque and MA calculations by moving effort/load arm
  • Determining optimal lifting position for effort/load arm


Note: All lessons include a presentation and a hands on building period which they then use to perform various tests.



  • $300 / workshop for a class of up to 30 students
  • Price includes all materials, two qualified facilitators and all consumables required



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