Getting Started – Bumble Bee


Congratulations on being the owner of a brand new Bumble Bee! Go ahead, open the kit, and let’s talk about what you see. Your kit should include:


Step 1: Assemble 

Start assembling your buzzing friend by following these simple instructions!


Step 2: Experiment & Play

1. Using your new knowledge on circuits and resistance, build and test the Bumble Bee to create different musical tones and/or even a song! Screws

2. Using different items (metal and non metal, or things full of water) such as a paper clip, pencil, two paper clips, make circuits.

3. Draw small rectangles on a paper and carefully shade them in as thick as possible. Experiment with different sized rectangles and the sounds they make. Make sure that a damp finger is present on one side and the pencil on the other. See if you can calibrate their rectangles to draw a piano and play different songs.  Can you play “Mary Had a Little Lamb”?

4. Can you make a circuit with others around you? How many people can you make a circuit with? Start making a circuit by touching finger to finger with one, then two, then add as many as you can. Experiment by making different connections, having people come in and out of the circuit.


Step 3: Share what you’ve created

We love to hear what people have created with the bumble bee!

SUBMIT YOUR CREATIONS: Tweet a video or picture and include @logicsacademy #bumblebeecreations