Logics Academy’s programs are an exciting and educational way to engage students in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics principles on a weekly basis. We have a diverse selection of courses in mechanics, electronics, coding, and aerospace ranging from 8, 10 or 12 weeks in length. Explore some of our programs and contact us to provide an experience for your students that they will not forget!




Lunch Workshops

These are 40 min. workshops and are a great opportunity for students to explore robotics topics during the school day!

After School, Camps & 1 Hour Workshops

Choose from a diverse selection of themed robotics and aerospace courses that will both challenge and excite your students! Courses consist of 8, 10 0r 12 one hour modules that include an interesting build and experimentation with that build. Courses may be run once a week or daily as a camp.

2 Hour Workshops

These workshops are co-curricular and allow students to explore a robotics or aerospace concept in depth through experimentation.


Contact us to bring our exciting programs into your school or private location today!